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 Carey International University of Theology (CIUT) along with its sister company Carey Outreach Ministries began in 1997 through an invitation from Romania to train spiritual leaders. Since then, Carey has rapidly expanded globally in response to the desperate need for solid Biblical training.

  We are a cutting edge ministry, not content to work in places where theological resources are readily available. Instead, we advance by faith into sometimes difficult countries such as Nepal, Mongolia, Cuba and Egypt, spreading reformed truth in areas without established theological training centers. Our passion is to encourage, equip and empower spiritual leaders who influence hundreds of churches and many thousands of people. Soli Deo Gloria.

 Opportunities to bring theological education to new areas are continually knocking on the Carey door. We hope by God's grace to see theological schools planted in many other needy areas of the world in the years ahead.


What our students are saying:

"I had the feeling that I was at Ephesus as Apostle Paul taught us day and night and when Apostle Paul was leaving we all wept. I was weeping, 'why the classes have ended so fast?' and now I want Carey to be my elder brother in guiding me in the ministry."

Pastor Venu

"Glad to be here. Never attended any classes like this. Comparing, learning Christ in every OT topic. I was empty, and I was filled here. I am blessed so much."

Pastor David

"Through these five years of study … the principles of Solus Christus; and Sola Scriptura; have been deeply rooted in my heart. I have found the direction both in my ministries and in my study"

Pastor Yu

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*Carey International University of Theology is affiliated with London Seminary (UK)

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